Platform and Price
iOS, Android, free

RD Score
4 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Moves is a simple pedometer app. The app uses activity and place recognition algorithms to effortlessly track steps or miles walked, ran and cycled throughout the day.


  • Clean, attractive design that automatically tracks movement without pressing any buttons
  • Recognizes walking, cycling and running activities as well as transport
  • Track activities in steps, miles or calories burned
  • Incorporates the user’s basic anthropometric data to increase accuracy
  • Records weekly and daily summaries
  • Delivers optional reports on first time achievements, all-time highs and monthly records
  • Metric units option available
  • Offers a summary bubble and storyline to save or share with family and friends
  • No advertisements


  • Must carry the phone on your body for accurate and complete activity tracking
  • Unless disabled, Moves runs continuously in the background which steals battery life and requires more frequent phone recharging
  • Current version does not easily allow for data backup or transfer.

Bottom Line
Moves is an easy-to-use pedometer that’s ideal for the person who wants to track their 10,000 steps a day without many bells and whistles. If not for the battery drain, this would be a five star app.

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Marisa Moore
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