Weight Loss Hypnosis

Platform and Price

iOS, free

RD Score

3 out of 5

Synopsis of the App

Weight Loss Hypnosis is one of many new mobile and web apps that use hypnotherapy concepts to treat a variety of conditions. Weight Loss Hypnosis claims to provide a mind-changing experience to help you lose weight effortlessly


• Clean, attractive, easy-to-use design
• Session features the calm, soothing and encouraging voice of a hypnotist
• Offers a choice of background music and nature sounds to encourage deep relaxation
• Session offers positive affirmations to those trying to lose weight
• Provides a low cost way to become familiar with hypnosis as an alternative therapy 
• Developers take some necessary precautions such as a warning not to listen to recordings while driving
• Interact with others to garner support from friends or social media followers 


• There isn’t enough solid evidence to support hypnosis as an effective weight loss tool
• Default settings can only be changed with an in app purchase
• Claims that suggest weight loss changes within 1-3 weeks are not referenced or supported with any evidence in the app
• Cannot fast forward through the lengthy introduction or skip the instructions
• Only one session available

Bottom Line

Far from a magic bullet for weight loss, the Weight Loss Hypnosis app may deliver a bit of motivation for people trying to lose weight. Though you cannot rely on hypnosis alone for significant weight loss, you may feel more feel relaxed after using this app.

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Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is based in Atlanta and specializes in culinary nutrition, communications and consulting. She blogs at marisamoore.com. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.