Any Way You Slice It…

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Pure Komachi 2 Bread Knife by KAI

Please note: Several loaves of bread were harmed in the writing of this article.

Bread can be a peculiar item to slice. There's the accidental mashing when slicing through white bread. There's the muscular strength required to fight through a crusty loaf of Italian bread (which gave meaning to the adage, “the best thing since sliced bread.”)

A better option for cutting bread is a serrated knife, which has a cutting edge with several small points that come into contact with the food being cut.  The serrated edge reduces the surface area being cut, while a smooth sawing motion ensures making soft or crusty breads a breeze to slice. 

The Pure Komachi 2 Bread Knife by KAI — under the SHUN cutlery brand — is a great serrated knife for slicing bread or tomatoes. The knife is a colorful addition to any kitchen and is also made out of durable high-carbon stainless steel. The lightweight knife also is easy to grip.

This knife was equally effective at making thin slices of tricky Italian bread for a crostini recipe as it was going through a loaf of sticky cinnamon raisin bread.

Overall, the cost and aesthetically pleasing knife makes a great addition to any kitchen from the chef to novice cook. 

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Gina Lesako
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