Headspace (Version 2.0)

Platform and Price
Free App + Subscription: Apple, Android

RDN Score
5 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
The self-proclaimed “gym membership for the mind,” Headspace teaches you to meditate and provides resources to support the effort. This version shows off an updated platform design which delivers a new user experience.


  • Cheerful, upbeat and easy to navigate design.
  • Narrator guides with a calming voice.
  • Uses current science. Provides links to peer reviewed literature supporting the principles upon which the app is built.
  • 6 short video animations explain meditation in simple terms including expectations and metaphors for the mind to help promote interest in meditation.
  • Learn the basics of meditation and access 10 – 10 minutes sessions in the free app download.
  • Replay sessions as often as necessary.
  • Option to upgrade to hundreds of hours of meditation content with a monthly, yearly or lifetime access membership.
  • Subscribers can access meditation packs covering many life situations including health, relationships and performance.
  • Offers support via online buddies, rewards and progress tracking. Get encouragement from your “buddies” to track each other’s progress and encourage regular practice.
  • Track number of sessions, total meditation time and average duration, meditation run streaks and even see how many “headspacers” are meditating in real time.
  • Option to turn on up to 5 “mindful buzzers” as reminders throughout the day.
  • Extensive FAQ section for support and links to current science on meditation.
  • For each subscription sold, the company agrees to donate a Headspace subscription to someone in need.


  • Must surrender an email address to use the app.

Bottom Line
Headspace is a lighthearted but effective way to gently introduce the practice of meditation. It’s ideal for those who don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy having structured meditation tools available on the go. 

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Marisa Moore
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