Sprout Baby (Version 2.01)

Platform and Price
14 day free trial then $4.99: Apple.

RDN Score
5 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Sprout Baby swaps the baby book for a virtual one and provides information and tools to support and document the big and little moments of a growing baby.


  • User-friendly, engaging and polished design.
  • Activities, milestone and memories are automatically recorded as an adorable newspaper-style home page with the baby’s name included throughout the text.
  • Track weight, height, sleep, feeding, pumping and diaper details (including color and texture).
  • Keep track of questions and answers for the doctor and scheduled appointments.
  • Track and monitor immunizations, medication and medical records.
  • Customize alerts to keep feedings, breastfeeding and extras like medications on track.
  • Easily view patterns in diapers, sleeping, feeding and pumping by week or month.
  • Memories tab nudges you to take pictures and capture moments like clapping hands or the first time the baby goes to a pool.
  • Use the milestones and memories section to document memories and share to Facebook or export to an ebook.
  • Get age appropriate daily tips throughout the different phases of raising and caring for the new mom and baby.
  • Track twins and all children from this app.
  • Use most features with just one hand.
  • Sync across multiple devices – to share updates with other caregivers.
  • 14 day free trial.


  • App doesn’t provide a source or references to verify accuracy of the daily tips.

Bottom Line
Ideal for parents of brand new babies, Sprout Baby provides an impressive suite of tracking tools and a fun and easy way to document memories and milestones for the newest family member.

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