Calio (Version 1.0)

Synopsis of the App
Calio is a food, nutrition and activity tracker with voice technology designed to help you manage health and weight loss goals with ease.

RDN Score
4 out of 5

Platform and Price
Free. Apple only.


  • Attractive and simple-to-use design.
  • Scan, say or type to search the Calio database to enter your food and activity entries.
  • The voice technology works – allowing you to speak naturally. Using the app's smart voice command, just say, "Show my carb intake for today." Or, "How much water did I drink today?"
  • Includes voice interface to enter daily food and activities in one minute or less.
  • Has more than 500,000 items in the food database, including popular grocery and restaurant items.
  • Add custom and homemade meals to the database and save for quick recall.
  • Input exercise activities from more than 300 options.
  • Personalized options available for your goals, with nutrient intake details.
  • Open the app in the "quick view" from the home screen to see your calorie budget and calories that remain upon.
  • The "stop me" rescue button offers healthy swaps and tips for the end of the day when you might only have 100 calories left in the budget. This button also includes motivational quotes.
  • Option to scan foods into the app.
  • Save favorite foods and exercise for easy recall and entry.
  • The Calio team includes a registered dietitian nutritionist on staff.


  • Not integrated with the Health app.
  • Does not include a sleep entry.
  • Only available on the Apple platform at the time of this review.

Bottom Line
Calio stands out from the typical calorie-counting app with its voice commands. It’s ideal for those who need the audio direction and support for entering data quickly. It also acts as a reference, shopping list and tracker.

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Marisa Moore
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