Pacifica (Version 1.3.1)

Synopsis of the App
Pacifica provides daily tools to address stress and anxiety. It's designed to help users understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

RDN Score
4 out 5

Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android.


  • Based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Track your moods, thoughts and feelings with ease.
  • Relax with meditation and deep breathing exercises.
  • Track and review progress and discover your stress and anxiety triggers.
  • Uses five core activities to address stress and anxiety at your own pace.
  • Includes an opening interview to help you customize and select goals related to anxiety.
  • Mood reminders come once a day to track progress.
  • Taking a one-day-at-a-time approach, note your mood and health. Then, complete a relevant activity to address the mood.
  • Input your thoughts via microphone. Record your thoughts sharing any thoughts on anxious moments, what went through your mind and what's the worst that can happen.
  • Includes several public communities organized around themes such as gratitude, health, music, insomnia work or school stress and more.
  • Create or join private groups to share with friends, family and other trusted people.
  • Set goals and track progress in the HEALTH section, which addresses exercise, sleep, eating and outdoors time.
  • Option to integrate with Apple's Health app to track exercise, eating and sleeping habits, and add custom options related to health.
  • Set and monitor daily goals.
  • View updates on mood, health and the day's activities on the homepage.
  • Tap to view your Pacifica activity from any page of the app.
  • Option to turn off the ambient wave soundscape.


  • Design could be a bit more polished.
  • Lots of moving parts. May overwhelm some with anxiety.

Bottom Line
Though it's no substitute for professional help, Pacifica encourages mindfulness with useful activities and provides a way to visually keep your thoughts and moods in one place. 

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