Record by Under Armour (Version 3.18)

Synopsis of the AppRecord by Under Armour (Version 3.18) -

Billed as “your body’s dashboard,” Record by Under Armour (UA RecordTM) lets you seamlessly track sleep, fitness, nutrition and other key statistics from the app.

Platform and Price

Free. Android and Apple.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • Well designed, user-friendly interface with a motivating color scheme.
  • Track steps, nutrition, sleep and real-time workout stats like heart rate, pace, distance and calories burned.
  • Use the app alone or with the UA HealthBoxTM.
  • Users start by selecting and setting goals. Choose to improve the basics, lose weight, tone up or bulk up, sleep better or eat better, improve performance and stress less among others.
  • Limits goals to three for a manageable journey.
  • Option to track steps, sleep and workouts by allowing the app to access your phone’s motion sensors.
  • Delivers a UA Game Plan after taking some basic goal and biometric data. Includes provisions for sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition (calories) targets.
  • No calorie counting required in its simple nutrition style – can simply input light, medium or heavy days for calorie intake.
  • Easily enter how you feel on a scale from 1 to 10 and a place to add notes.
  • Keeps weight and goal progress graphs and numbers in view from the home page.
  • Uses active and encouraging language like “Let’s Do This!” instead of “agree” or “next.”
  • Get competitive and create challenges and invite friends. Includes most steps, most calories burned, most distance or most workout time over a variety of days.
  • Connect other UA devices like the scale, heart rate monitor and wristband trackers, as well as Fitbit and Jawbone trackers and with apps like MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness.
  • Register with email or a Facebook account.
  • Select interests and follow athletes and pages to inspire you.
  • Includes an active community to connect with for activity and to learn about local fitness opportunities.


  • The app has a bit of a bit masculine tone with tips from Tom Brady and other popular athletes.
  • Limited without the UA Band since you are not able to get full fitness activity/steps tracking and sleep details.
  • Includes advertisements at the bottom of the main pages.
  • Must load contacts for challenges – giving access to contacts versus being able to invite them by directly adding email addresses.

Bottom Line:

UA RecordTM is a comprehensive body tracker. You can possibly delete the other trackers as this one seems to have it all.

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