Simple Habit (Version 3.7)

Synopsis of the AppSimple Habit (Version 3.7) -

Simple Habit provides daily meditations for busy people in just five minutes a day to reduce stress, improve focus and promote better sleep in a Spotify-style platform.

Platform and Price

Free trial, then $7.99/month. Apple and Android.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • Simple, user-friendly design.
  • Get unlimited access to more than 1,000 meditations.
  • Applies a streaming Spotify-style model to the meditation app space. You can create a playlist and choose from and follow more than 50 teachers for new content.
  • Variety of voices keeps the content feeling fresh and new.
  • Access your account on mobile devices and the web.
  • Use the “on the go” feature to explore 10 meditation categories based on what you’re doing — including sleep, commuting and waiting, walking, tough day after work and SOS among others.
  • Search for meditations based on length of time or topics like stress reduction, letting go, joy and resilience.
  • Participate in meditations with or without background sounds.
  • Set up reminders to meditate daily via phone or calendar.
  • Select meditations based on the amount of time you have from five, 10 or 20 minutes. Download meditations to listen offline.
  • Follow and message your favorite meditation teachers so you don’t miss a session.
  • Connect the app to Facebook or allow access to your contacts to create a community.
  • Participate in challenges to manage a streak or those like “Meditate Daily in October.”
  • Sign up with email or quickly with Facebook.
  • Create your own playlist for easy access to your favorite meditations.
  • Track your meditation history and daily mindful minutes.
  • Offers a free trial option, thereafter plans start at $7.99/month


  • The price is among the highest in this market space and may be a turnoff for some users.

Bottom Line:

Simple Habit makes meditation easy for novice and experienced meditators. One of the more comprehensive and well-designed meditation apps, Simple Habit helps encourage mindfulness throughout the day no matter what you’re doing.

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