Yoga Wake Up (Version 3.0.2)

Synopsis of the AppYoga Wake Up (Version 3.0.2) -

Yoga Wake Up lets you wake up to the sound of yoga or meditation with gentle routines that can be performed from the comfort of the bedroom or even in bed.

Platform and Price

Free, in-app purchases. Apple only.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • Colorful and calming design that’s easy to navigate.
  • Sync with the Apple Health app to share mindful movements, yoga practice time and sleep information.
  • Select meditations and yoga sessions to wake up to.
  • Variety of instructors to reduce monotony and an increased chance of finding a good-fit personality.
  • Learn more about the instructors by clicking the link on each session or from the homepage.
  • Search for wake-ups by category including ”from bed,” “for kids,” “meditations,” and “popular.”
  • Active community sharing recipes and other wellness content.
  • Track your progress including total yoga time, wake ups and day streaks for the month.
  • Save favorites for easy recall.
  • Includes mindful exercises and programming for kids and adults.
  • Set reminders for bed times and wake-ups.


  • Must download “wake ups” (about 15 MB each) to your phone to use the “wake up to this” option feature.

Bottom Line:

Yoga Wake Up helps you break up with the alarm clock to start the day with calming yoga audio sequences. It’s ideal for adults and kids alike.

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