Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthier Family

Claims: Tired of being teased about his weight, 10-year-old Marshall Reid decided to change his lifestyle and asked his family to help him along the way. For 31 days, Marshall and his family paid close attention to how they ate by looking at portions, reading labels and learning about ingredients.
Synopsis: Presented in a journal-style format, the book chronicles the day-to-day thoughts, feelings, tips, recipes and food trivia of Marshall, as well as his mother, father and sister. The Reid Family goals are: 1) eat as many real foods as possible, 2) read ingredients, 3) pause before you eat, 4) get moving, 5) help out in the kitchen and 6) watch portion sizes. In addition to the first 31 days of their journey, the book provides 10 days of breakfasts, lunches, affordable dinners and a recipe index. There are also YouTube videos of Marshall that tie into various parts of the book such as how-to videos on cooking techniques or fun ways to be more active.
Nutritional Pros and Cons: Although the Reids did not seek the advice of a registered dietitian, they have done a marvelous job of using common sense, making practical changes and not getting mired in the details or caught up in nutritional or diet hype.
Bottom Line: This is a delightful book with a real-life approach and sensible, fun ideas to engage the entire family. The creative “journal” format is easy to read and easy to use, and the videos are a catchy way to help the reader connect even more with Marshall and his weight-loss journey. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants simple, real tips for a healthier family.

Melissa Joy Dobbins
Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE, is a nutrition expert, media resource, professional speaker and communications coach.