Paderno Mincer
Kitchen Tools

Mince More Veggies into Your Meals

Product Reviewed: ​Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer When first glancing at the Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer, I was skeptical. Would it be possible for this hand-powered device to mince items better than an electronic food processor or grinder? Now, after

Paderno Grater
Kitchen Tools

A Safer Grater

Product Reviewed: Paderno World Cuisine Drum Grater My husband I have used a box grater to grate cheese and carrots for years. That is, until this past spring, when my husband was grating cheese fast

Repast Ravioli Pin
Kitchen Tools

Homemade Ravioli Can Be Easy and Fun

Product Reviewed: Repast Supply Co. 17″ Maple-Walnut Ravioli Rolling Pin Homemade ravioli is delicious, but all of that time spent rolling, filling, cutting and pinching can leave you feeling tired and frustrated — and your kitchen

Omega Juicer
Kitchen Tools

The Path to Purer Juice?

Product Reviewed: Omega 8006 Juicer While I enjoy an occasional carrot-ginger-orange juice from my local health food store, I’ve never tried making my own. Smoothies? Yes. But cold-pressed, pulp-free, fresh vegetable or fruit juice? Not

Paperchef Parchment
Kitchen Tools

Pleasingly Perfect Parchment

Products Reviewed: PaperChef Culinary Parchment Multipurpose Non-Stick Paper and PaperChef Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags The multi-purpose parchment paper used in PaperChef products is non-stick and biodegradable, making it an easy and environmentally friendly solution for lining baking sheets