Hydaway Bottle
Kitchen Tools

Never Go Thirsty Again

Product Reviewed: Hydaway Bottle The Hydaway collapsible water bottle is a good option for outdoor adventurers, endurance athletes and travelers. With a light pull on the base, the bottle expands to four inches tall with 12-ounce capacity. Expand

Abeego Wrap
Kitchen Tools

That’s a Wrap!

Product Reviewed: Abeego My dish drying rack is often full of rinsed out plastic storage bags … I hate just throwing them away! So, I was really excited to try out Abeego, an all-natural food-wrap that has

KMH Finger Mitt
Kitchen Tools

Five Fingers of Silicone

Product Reviewed: KMN Home FingerMitt Silicone kitchen tools are among my favorites because they can withstand very high heat. I have about eight silicone spatulas and spoons in various shapes and sizes. For this reason,

lekue popcorn maker
Kitchen Tools

Movie Night Makeover

Product Reviewed: Lékué PopCorn Maker Our family loves movie night, a time to relax together at the end of the week and enjoy a kid-friendly movie and fun snack. I’m not sure which part my

Velata Peeler
Kitchen Tools

Ceramic Peeler with Appeal

Product Reviewed Velata Ceramic Peeler  The Velata Ceramic Peeler behaves just as advertised, by “quickly peeling potatoes, carrots, apples and more.” The smooth, ergonomic handle has a nice feel and is made of a material

Silpat Baking Pan
Kitchen Tools

Dozens of Uses for This Baking Pan

Product Reviewed: Silpat Entremet I’ve already used the Silpat Entremet silicone baking pan for dozens of uses. I’ve roasted vegetables, baked my Earl Grey tea cookies, and made a mahogany butter crunch toffee in it.

Kitchen Tools

Taking the Grill Test

Product Reviewed: GrillGrate Halftime at my parents’ annual Super Bowl party involves two things: critiques of the over-the-top musical performance and grilling. My dad, husband and uncles usually handle the latter while my mom and