July-August 2013

Jamie Shifley: Healthful Food Takes Flight

June 27, 2013 Denise Rondini

Anyone who travels knows that finding healthy food options at airports can be challenging. Thanks to Jamie Shifley, MS, RD, LDN, director of the coordinated nutrition program at the University of Illinois – Chicago, things

July-August 2013

Stacey Antine: Cultivating Kids Nutrition

“I’m completely committed to providing nutrition education to as many children, parents and schools who want to have the experience—either through after-school programs, summer camp, school and scout field trips, and school assemblies,” says Stacey

Winter 2012

Beverly Gor: Bridging Communities

February 20, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

"It wasn’t long ago that a common perception in the medical field was that Asian-Americans didn’t have many health problems because they were not visiting the public health clinics," says registered dietitian Beverly Gor, EdD,

Winter 2012

Denine Rogers: Getting into the Garden

February 14, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

“Some of these children have never seen vegetables outside of a supermarket,” says Denine Rogers, describing students at Dorsett Shoals Elementary School in Douglasville, Ga. That changed when they brought an abandoned community garden back

Winter 2012

Martha Lynch: Joining Humanitarian Aid

February 9, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

Just weeks after 2004’s tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and South India, registered dietitian Martha Lynch, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, CNSD, joined healthcare providers from across the country on a humanitarian aid mission.