A scoop of powder next to a bowl of collagen powder
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Why are Collagen Supplements Popular?

January 5, 2019 Taylor Wolfram

Touted to reverse signs of aging, reduce joint pain and speed up healing, collagen is a new darling of the supplement market. Rich in protein, collagen supplements are made by cooking the connective tissues of

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Savor: Shrimp

April 30, 2018 Bethany Oxender

As the most-consumed seafood and the top seafood import in the United States, shrimp has earned impressive accolades.

Honey variety with bee's comb in a glass jars with flowers and fresh herbs.
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Honey: Beyond the Bear

April 30, 2018 Amy Gorin

Get the scoop on whether honey is a cure-all for allergies, why some types may boast more antioxidants and how honey may be stored for decades or longer.