APP REVIEW: Diabetes Buddy Lite

By BHI Technologies, Inc.

RATING: 2 Stars

Diabetes Buddy Lite is designed to track the factors that influence blood glucose levels. Key features include tracking daily carb intake, glucose measures, medication, food and water intake.


  • Offers passcode protection for data entered
  • Offers Wi-Fi backup and restore
  • Extensive help function
  • If the user is so inclined, the app allows you to tweet your carb, glucose and activity statistics via an integrated Twitter function.
  • Users can log glucose levels, insulin injections, medications and manage activities, exercises and water consumption.
  • Database with more than 200,000 foods including "common," "restaurant" and "branded"


  • Missing a chart or graph to bring all data together for review and trend spotting
  • Several food items are only available in gram measures (such as 100g salmon fillet). This is not as familiar to Americans as ounce measures would be
  • Advertisements on the homepage are distracting

While it wouldn't be my top choice, Diabetes Buddy Lite would be useful for anyone hoping to track the specific factors affecting his or her diabetes. There are more comprehensive free apps on the market.

—Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD

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