APP REVIEW: Diabetes Companion

By dLife

RATING: 4 Stars

The Diabetes Companion app is a feature-rich companion for people with diabetes. Features include complete nutrition facts for common foods, tons of recipes, informative videos, Q&A for common diabetes related issues and blood glucose tracking tools.


  • Attractive design with easy and intuitive navigation
  • Easy food look up and recipes with complete nutrition data
  • Ability to customize for insulin use, target blood glucose range and targets for pre- and post-prandial meals, meal schedules and even the theme
  • Allows for detailed blood glucose entry (pre- and post-prandial several times per day) and notes regarding exercise, abnormalities in medication regimen, alcohol, excessive fat intake or a skipped meal and even sick days
  • Allows for tracking up to 90 days with the ability to display data as entered into the logbook as well as by statistics and a trend chart
  • The app includes a convenient share function allowing the user to quickly email his or her logbook data to a registered dietitian or other health professional for review.
  • Includes hypo- and hyperglycemia alerts that are modifiable, which allows the user to set highs and lows based on the numbers agreed upon by his or her health care team
  • No advertisements
  • Offers more than 9,000 diabetes-friendly recipes and 25,000 specific diabetes-friendly foods


  • Videos didn't load during my review due to a server error.
  • The app does not include a food tracker or option for food journaling.

The Diabetes Companion app is a pleasure to use and one of the most useful free diabetes resources I’ve found in the App Store. The pros significantly outweigh the cons. This app would be useful for anyone wanting to take an active role in managing his or her diabetes.

—Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD

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