Platform and Price

Free (but requires a paid subscription to access weekly meal plans); Available via Apple App store

RD Score

3 out of 5

Synopsis of the App

The eMeals mobile app is an extension of the same titled online meal planning program. eMeals promises to take care of the meal planning, grocery list and budgeting to allow you to create healthy, home-cooked meals easily.


  • Attractive design with easy navigation.
  • Meal plans can be customized by family size, preferred supermarket and 12 different food styles (including classic, vegetarian and clean eating).
  • 7 recipes provided per week including one entrée and side dishes. Subscribers can view recipes for the current and previous week.
  • Recipes use familiar ingredients that are easy to find.
  • Menus and food costs are updated with your store's weekly sales.
  • Automatically generates a shopping list arranged by store floor plan and totals the approximate cost for the dinners for the week.
  • You're not locked into one plan. eMeals allows subscribers to occasionally switch meal plan food styles (from vegetarian to classic for example).
  • eMeals provides a free trial week of meal plans with the initial app download.


  • Fee for subscription service between $5 and $7 per month, with a three-month minimum.
  • Touted as a healthy meal planning resource, but it doesn't include nutrition information which is commonly sought by the health conscious consumer.
  • No food photography in the app.
  • No apparent way to save or email recipes outside of the app.
  • Limited access to recipes and meal plans beyond two weeks old.
  • No way to replace recipes for the week that you don't want to use.
  • Some recipes list a notable number of branded packaged food items such as couscous mixes, pasta sauces and dressings.
  • If you switch plans you can't change again for a month.

Bottom Line

eMeals is a convenient way to simplify the meal planning process while keeping track of money spent and automatically seeing specials at your favorite supermarket. While many of the recipes are appealing, the program has some limitations that may still lead subscribers to the internet to figure out what's for dinner.

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Marisa Moore
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