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From the Magazine

Spiced Rice Pudding

August 16, 2018

A traditional offering to the gods prepared during South Indian festivals, this adaptation of sweet and creamy sakkarai pongal uses more dal, less ghee, brown sugar in place of jaggery and no camphor.

From the Magazine

So Long, SuperTracker

August 16, 2018

When selecting a nutrient analysis or tracking software, consider your needs and goals.

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Spicy Roasted Okra with Peanut Sauce on a rectangular white place
Stone Soup

Spicy Roasted Okra with Peanut Sauce

August 17, 2018

This polarizing pod has a lot to offer when it comes to nutrition. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of magnesium, folate and soluble fiber.

Cauliflower "rice" in a metal pan with fresh greens around it
Student Scoop

Cauliflower Fried “Rice”

August 16, 2018

Serve on the side of grilled chicken or tofu or double the portion size for a full meal. The combination of vegetables and eggs makes a perfect lunch or dinner!

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