Healthmate (Version 2.5)

Synopsis of the App
Healthmate is a steps tracker and life coach by Withings, the international app maker and smart devices manufacturer.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • Polished and attractive design that engages as it tracks health information.
  • Colorful and interactive design makes it fun to enter data and adjust goals.
  • Set a weight goal, log your food and track your steps.
  • Measure and automatically record your heart rate using the phone’s camera, log blood pressure and share it with your doctor all within the app.
  • Analyze sleep behavior and get tips on improving your sleep hygiene.
  • Track trends and easily share with friends or health care providers.
  • App automatically syncs with any active Withings device but can also use the phone’s sensors to track movement.
  • Connect with and challenge friends to move more and stay motivated via the Healthmate Leaderboard.
  • Activate optional reminders in weight, activity, sleep and heart categories for motivational and educational tips and resources.
  • Partnerships with popular apps like LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and EndoMondo make it easy to seamlessly share data with platforms you’re already using.


  • Ideal for the person who’s already connected with multiple Withings devices.
  • Doesn’t have clear provisions for the app’s life coaching promise yet.

Bottom Line
Healthmate is one of the more comprehensive health tracking apps on the market. Those who have already bought into the Withings family of devices will get the most from the app. Native smartphone health apps like HealthKit or GoogleFit may deliver similar benefits.

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