Replay (Version 2.7)

Synopsis of the App
Replay is a video editing app unlike others. This one sets prerecorded video and photo clips to music with style.

Platform and Price
Free: Apple

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • Attractive aesthetic and user-friendly interface.
  • Create a video out of existing photos or video clips set to music.
  • Choose from 20 different video styles.
  • Add approved music tracks without copyright and royalty concerns because Replay has already done the work.
  • Adjust the pace for which clips appear in the video and the tempo of the music.
  • Add motion graphics and synchronize video clips and photos to the music.
  • Inspiration section lets you view other videos for insight into creating your own videos.
  • Easily edit replay videos to fit Instagram’s 15 second format.
  • Easily share videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram or via email.
  • Helpful app tutorial guides you through selecting photos or video clips, adding music and creating titles in just a few minutes.


  • Replay videos can feel more like a slideshow than a movie.
  • Cannot easily add your own audio or voiceover.
  • Videos are branded with the Replay watermark – which can be removed for a fee.

Bottom Line
Ideal for food bloggers with photos of tutorial style recipes, Replay takes the pain out of video editing, making it easier and faster to create videos out of photos or video clips without the lengthy edit time. The music, styling options and music help engage viewers beyond what you can do with photos alone. 

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Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is based in Atlanta and specializes in culinary nutrition, communications and consulting. She blogs at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.