Cooking PlanIt

Platform and Price
iOS, free

RD Score
5 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Cooking PlanIt acts as a “personal kitchen assistant” to help home cooks prepare a complete meal with everything ready at the same time.


  • Preplanned menus come with a synchronized and preplanned shopping list
  • Registered account holders enjoy the My Cookbook and My Groceries features as well as the ability to plan customized meals
  • Voice or visual commands prompt cooks to prep ingredients for immediate and later use
  • View steps at a glance or one by one to get a feel for the meal
  • Search by ingredient, type of dish, occasion and an extensive list of diet restrictions including no onion, no pork, no nuts, gluten-free and more
  • Voice control for hands-free movement through each step
  • Built-in breaks to relax or cleanup to keep the meal timing on schedule
  • Automatic timers alert you when each component is ready to move to the next step and estimates dinner time
  • Easily rate, save and share recipes
  • Back up account with cloud sync


  • Meal timing may not be perfect and will vary with the cook’s experience and equipment
  • Advertisements on the home screen 

Bottom Line
Cooking PlanIt is ideal for new home cooks who struggle with good timing in the kitchen. It takes the stress out of meal planning and simplifies the organization and cooking process to save time and headache in the kitchen. Even without the timing option, the app provides an additional source of recipes for all cooks. 

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Marisa Moore
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