Stone Soup

Fresh Apple Pie Smoothie

October 2, 2013 EA Stewart

This apple pie smoothie tastes like autumn in a glass! Inspired recently by others' seasonal fruit smoothies, I decided to create my own fall-inspired smoothie with simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right

Stone Soup

The Sweet Surprise of Bitter Greens Pizza

June 25, 2013 EA Stewart

Have you eaten weeds before? I hadn't, until the other day. But, spurred on by fellow blogger Marisa to a "Bitter Greens Challenge," I decided to eat some dandelion greens. Turns out that these particular

Stone Soup

The Mocha Smoothie with Skin Cancer Benefits

May 24, 2013 EA Stewart

Sorry big coffee chains, but you’ve got nothing on my delicious, nutrient-packed mocha smoothie. Not only is it fully loaded with skin cancer fighting caffeine, it also contains my "secret ingredient" — can you guess

Stone Soup

Leek-and-Potato Soup with Spring Pea Shoots

April 25, 2013 EA Stewart

Spring has sprung, and tasty veggies are sprouting up everywhere. We’re talking leeks, scallions, garlic scapes, pea shoots and ramps. Oh, and let’s not forget my beloved asparagus and childhood favorite rhubarb…at least in my

Stone Soup

A Tale of Two Nut Butters

February 11, 2013 EA Stewart

Here’s a little dietitian confession I’m going to share with y’all. Sometimes, when I’m in a rush (taking my kids to school, picking my kids up from school, rushing my kids off to softball/baseball/basketball/football/soccer practice…ahem,

Stone Soup

Gluten-Free Persimmon Pudding

November 29, 2012 EA Stewart

I had no clue. Last January after a weekend trip to the farmers market, I came home excited to share some local grown fruits and veggies on my blog. Imagine my surprise when many of