CutStory (iOS Version 2.1.3)

CutStory (iOS Version 2.1.3) -Synopsis of the App: CutStory lets you easily cut long videos into short clips to share on social media.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Super simple design that allows you to cut long videos into small, shareable clips.
  • No need to guess or research ideal clip length for the different social media platforms. Click once to cut videos to preset or custom lengths for Instagram (15 seconds), Facebook (20 seconds) and What’s App (30 seconds).
  • Custom cut lengths range from 2 to 19 seconds allowing a degree of flexibility.
  • Import existing video and photo footage with one click.
  • Exports clips in sequence to the phone’s camera roll for easy uploading to social platforms in a pre-determined order.
  • Automatically saves without compressing or otherwise sacrificing quality.
  • No internet required.
  • Optional feature to add music to clips is $1.99.


  • Available on iOS only at the time of this review.
  • Takes a long time to import even short clips.
  • App crashed a few times while uploading photos.
  • Cannot custom cut or trim each individual clip.
  • Each clip includes the CutStory watermark unless you pay the $0.99 upgrade to remove it.

Bottom Line: Though it takes a while to load and you will need to edit and add personal flare elsewhere, this simple app is perfect for splitting video clips for quick upload to Instagram and Facebook Stories, Snapchat and What’s App.

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Marisa Moore
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