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Make It with Mango

January 7, 2019 Food & Nutrition Magazine

We are celebrating mangos all winter long with a special winter recipe contest — where you can tap your imagination and create recipes based on simple criteria.

Tiger nuts spilled out onto a wood table with a wooden scoop
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What are Tiger Nuts?

Also known as chufa nuts, Earth almonds and earthnuts, tiger nuts are not actually nuts but roots of the African plant yellow nutsedge, or Cyperus esculentus. Popular in Spanish and Mexican cuisine, tiger nuts taste

Baked beans in a small serving dish
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Micronutrients: Zinc

January 6, 2019 Kathleen Zelman

Determined to be an essential nutrient for humans in 1963, zinc is an antioxidant and trace mineral that we need to consume daily, since our bodies cannot store it. Zinc primarily is involved in supporting