Loom (Version iOS 1.4.0)

Loom (Version iOS 1.4.0) -Synopsis: Loom is a video messaging service for work.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple, Android and Web.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Simple, minimalistic design.
  • Record and instantly share video from your phone or computer.
  • Create a demo, record a quick team update or simple presentation, or document a problem that others need to see. Then, send a link rather than a large video file to reduce the strain on bandwidth and wait time for downloading.
  • Offers one-click screen recording and the options to include your voice or image.
  • Share your Loom with a team to watch and interact with real-time comments and reactions.
  • Clutter-free design helps you store and organize recordings in the Loom cloud. No more searching video downloads in the depths of your desktop folders.
  • Includes clear instructions on making your first Loom, from recording the screen to microphone access and tips to avoid unwanted disruptions.
  • Automatically creates a Loom library that can be accessed anywhere and includes videos recorded on desktop and mobile devices.
  • The free mobile version works well for most light users.


  • Loom is a simple screen and video recorder without a suite of elaborate editing tools.

Bottom Line: This video app is not about social media. Rather, Loom is a convenient tool for creating quick but necessary videos for the workplace.

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