Wakeout (iOS version 2.16)

Wakeout (iOS version 2.16) -Synopsis of the App: Wakeout is described as a place for fun exercises that energize and reduce stress in three minutes, wherever you are.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Starts with an assessment to determine how active you are now.
  • Get a full body stretch and movement anytime, wherever you are.
  • Includes hundreds of mini exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Keeps your weekly goal front and center and top of mind on the main screens.
  • Includes hand and wrist wakeouts to revive typing hands and wakeouts that can be done from the bed, couch or office, or discreetly from a coffee shop!
  • Wakeouts are short and include appropriate music to motivate or calm the body.
  • High quality videos featuring real people and a countdown timer engages users to get in as many reps of each activity possible.
  • Toggle music on or off.
  • Set a weekly goal of one to seven wakeouts per week.
  • Replace activities you don’t want to do with just a quick click.
  • Automatically count the times you do each wakeout and the total completed.
  • Must subscribe to get the 14 days free.


  • Workouts take a little time to download and the more workouts you download, the more space the app occupies.
  • Cannot adjust the duration of each activity.
  • Plans offered from $3.75/month to a lifetime plan at $99.99.

Bottom Line: Wakeout uses your surroundings as a playground. It’s ideal for non-gym goers who want guided movement with the click of the screen. That said, after completing a few rounds, users will have to decide if the exercises are worth the subscription cost long term.

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Marisa Moore
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