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Caso® Vacuum Sealer

I had never used a vacuum sealer before, but the Caso® Vacuum Sealer turned out to be a very easy appliance to handle, even for a novice like myself. Keeping air out of a bag helps to avoid freezer burn and preserves items for longer.

What can you use vacuum sealers for? If you buy in bulk, they can preserve the freshness and nutrition of seafood, meat and poultry. You can also prepare separate servings of dishes, vacuum-seal them, and freeze them for future meals.

It’s not only animal proteins, either. Fruits and vegetables can be vacuum-sealed for freezing — but since berries are more delicate, it is best to freeze them on a tray first to prevent them from damaging.

Nuts, too! If you bought nuts — such as the Brazil nuts shown here — in bulk, the best way to keep them fresh is to vacuum seal them in batches in small bags and freeze for later use. If left at room temperature for a long time, nuts may go rancid because of their high fat content.

A vacuum sealer like this Caso model can help families — and singles too — enjoy more homemade nutritious meals. For example, I always cook double- or triple batches of whole grains and beans like brown rice, barley, kidney beans and black beans. With this vacuum sealer, it is easy to store these time-intensive foods in the freezer for later use on hectic weeknights when a meal has to be on the table within 30 minutes. Stews can be sealed too, but only if there is not too much liquid. Excess liquid can clog the vacuuming mechanism.

My personal favorite way to use this Caso Vacuum Sealer was as a way to preserve bread. In our house we enjoy a variety of different breads: sourdough, wraps, mini whole-wheat bagels and whole wheat-sandwich bread, to name a few. I like to use a variety of breads in my kids’ lunchboxes to create different sandwiches, “pin-wheels” and DIY meals. However, some of our favorite breads are available only in certain bakeries in other parts of town where we make only once a month so freezing them for later use helps us enjoy the variety without being wasteful.

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Natalia Stasenko, MS, RD, is a U.S.-credentialed pediatric dietitian based in London and New York and the owner of Feeding Bytes. She blogs at Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.