January-February 2014

UP Coffee (1.0.1)

May 5, 2014 Marisa Moore

Synopsis of the App Described as the "world's largest study on caffeine and sleep," UP Coffee is touted as the simplest way to track and understand how caffeine affects your sleep. Platform and Price Free:

January-February 2014

Reading the Tea Leaves

February 27, 2014 Kristine Duncan, MS, RD, CDE

Product Reviewed Takeya Flash Chill Tea Maker: 2-Quart Tea is pretty much the perfect drink: It’s delicious, virtually calorie-free and a cinch to make. As if that isn’t compelling enough, it also appears to have

January-February 2014

How Can Restaurants Attract Baby Boomers?

December 28, 2013 Mindy Nelkin

Restaurateurs have long tried to woo younger customers, particularly those in the 18- to 24-year-old age bracket. But new research shows that it’s actually the baby boomers who are driving sales. According to a study

January-February 2014

Aging Tastefully

December 28, 2013 Roberta Larson Duyff

Have you ever heard a friend or family member say their once-favorite foods just don’t taste the same? It’s more likely that their sense of smell, not taste, may be changing. The average adult has

January-February 2014

Telomeres: Insights into Aging

December 28, 2013 Robin Foroutan

We all know people who appear old or young for their years, but now scientists may be able to tell us how well we are aging by measuring the length of our telomeres — the

January-February 2014

All About Oils

December 28, 2013 Marisa Moore

Visit the cooking oil aisle of your local grocery store to find many oils of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables — each with distinct flavors and properties that make them tasty additions to your cooking

January-February 2014

Retro Reimagined

December 28, 2013 Erin Sund

The arrival of the baby boomer generation accompanied a cultural shift in American lifestyles, including diet. After World War II, Americans embraced speed, portability and convenience over long hours spent in the kitchen, and the

January-February 2014

Eating Disorders: An Ageless Affliction

December 28, 2013 Jessica Setnick

Corinne was 13 years old when her struggle with disordered eating began. After gaining weight at summer camp, she starting obsessively biking to burn calories and making herself vomit. Corinne kept these behaviors hidden for