Prep & Pantry Lite (Version 3.4.01)

Platform and Price

Apple and Android, free

RD Score

3out of 5

Synopsis of the App

Prep & Pantry is designed to track food storage and preparedness supplies. With the goal of reducing food waste, the app records stored item locations, quantities and expiration dates.


  • Simple, uncluttered, easy-to-navigate design.
  • Scanner quickly and accurately identifies food items.
  • Enter foods with and without a barcode.
  • Ability to add foods not in the database, which contributes to crowdsourced items in the database.
  • List and categorize foods alphabetically, by expiration date, location or tags for easy review and discovery.
  • Conveniently add items with low inventory to the “cart” for a running shopping list.
  • Create reports that can be exported and shared.
  • Sync inventory between multiple devices easily over Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Includes options to manage coupons and retail stores.
  • Can disable expiration date entry to reduce time required for data entry.


  • Limits saved pantry items to 10 (the upgraded $7.99 version allows unlimited entry, syncing and database management).
  • Automation takes a backseat after scanning the item as the app requires manual entry for expiration dates, quantity on hand and location.
  • Though nominal in cost, Prep & Pantry requires a significant upfront time investment.

Bottom Line

Prep & Pantry provides a simple, uncluttered method to organize and create a snapshot of your pantry. Unfortunately the time required for data entry alone may more than the average consumer is willing to invest.

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Marisa Moore
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