NRDC Eat Local

Platform and Price
Free; Available via Apple App store
RD Score
2 out of 5
Synopsis of the App
Developed by the Smarter Living team at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Eat Local is designed to help users discover which foods are in season and locate nearby farmers markets.



  • Quick and easy to use.
  • In season goods are listed by early or late month, by state and in categories including produce, fish and seafood, gifts, honey/jams, poultry and eggs.
  • The app links to nutrition information about the foods in season and may include a recipe from the Smarter Living team.
  • Includes a farmers’ market finder which provides basic location information.
  • Users can add a new market or update existing farmers’ market hours and offerings by sending an email to the NRDC team from the app.
  • No advertisements.




  • Information for listed markets is often incomplete.
  • No references listed for the nutrient and health claims made for featured foods.
  • App could be improved with updated hours and a direct link to area farmers markets' websites for additional information.


Bottom Line
This no frills app is good to have on hand to quickly discover what’s in season in your area throughout the year. However, it doesn’t provide a full picture of the local food scene and relies heavily on the user to fill in the gaps.

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Marisa Moore
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