Doctor On Demand (Version 3.9.5)|

Synopsis of the App​
Doctor on Demand lets you virtually meet with a physician or psychologist from wherever you are.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple (iOS) and Android

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • User-friendly simple design and interface.
  • Access doctors in medical, mental health, pregnancy and newborns and pediatrics.
  • Systems and servers are designed to meet HIPAA, NIST and ISO security standards.
  • Ask a free question after creating an account, which requires you to accept the terms, sign an informed consent and share your name, date of birth and email address. 
  • Available doctors treat a large number of conditions including urinary tract infections, allergies, cold and flu, sports injuries and skin issues and won’t treat cancer and chronic conditions that require regular visits to a doctor.
  • Includes bios of the physicians available and a medical review board.
  • Includes a symptom questionnaire to help guide the process including common symptoms and conditions like cough, sore throat, allergies, anxiety, depression or rash.  
  • Choose and connect to a board certified doctor in your state in minutes.
  • Doctors are able to send prescriptions and refills to your preferred pharmacy.
  • Comprehensive details on what to expect during a visit and pricing.
  • Less expensive than a traditional doctor visit at just $49 per fifteen minute visit.
  • Saves time, is reasonably priced, and makes healthcare accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and about fifty dollars.
  • Accepts some medical insurance. 


  • Potential for technical difficulties and limitations.
  • No expert touch. Because you don't get a physical exam, the doctor’s virtual assessment may or may not be adequate. 

Bottom Line​
Doctor on Demand may come in handy for minor health concerns, prescription refills and more. Though it can make seeing a doctor convenient and efficient, telemedicine doesn’t take the place of visiting your doctor in person.

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