Stone Soup

Roasted Carrots with Lentils

You can never have too many quick and easy vegetable sides. Think outside the box a bit with this roasted carrots with lentils recipe. Featuring crunchy, roasted lentils and sweet carrots over ricotta and Asiago

Paderno Mincer
Kitchen Tools

Mince More Veggies into Your Meals

Product Reviewed: ​Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer When first glancing at the Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer, I was skeptical. Would it be possible for this hand-powered device to mince items better than an electronic food processor or grinder? Now, after

November-December 2016

Omnio (Version 3.22.15)

Synopsis of the App​ ​Omnio is a personalized, all-in-one clinical resource is designed to help clinical healthcare professionals access important medical information and resources. Platform and Price Free. Apple (iOS) and Android RDN Score 5

November-December 2016

mySugr (Version 3.23.0)

Synopsis of the App​​ ​mySugr is a comprehensive logbook for tracking all things related to diabetes. Platform and Price Free. Apple (iOS) and Android RDN Score 4 out of 5 Pros Cheerful and comprehensive design.

November-December 2016

Today (Version 1.1)|

Synopsis of the App​​​ Today is a habit-tracking app that focuses on effective and efficient habit development and health tracking in one convenient, well-designed space. Platform and Price Free. Apple only RDN Score 5 out

November-December 2016

UNUM (Version 2.4.0)|

Synopsis of the App​​ ​​With a tagline of “design perfection for Instagram,” UNUM helps you curate, arrange, schedule and edit your Instagram feed with ease. Platform and Price Free. Apple only RDN Score 5 out

Stone Soup

5 Tips for Safer Slow Cooking

No matter the season, slow cookers are a handy kitchen device, whether you’re craving a savory pulled pork or baked beans or something sweet like apple crisp. But before you plug in, let’s review five tips that will ensure you're using your slow cooker safely.  1. Safe Set Up  While you might be in a rush to start the slow cooker