mySugr (Version 3.23.0)

Synopsis of the App​​
mySugr is a comprehensive logbook for tracking all things related to diabetes.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple (iOS) and Android

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • Cheerful and comprehensive design.
  • The logbook is designed to track and enter details for meals, symptoms (hypo or hyper feelings), pre- and post- physical activity readings, emotions, vacation, shopping and even more in the premium version.
  • Includes content by and paid coaching opportunities with certified diabetes educators.
  • Includes challenges to help users stay motivated and to build community and maybe even unlock the premium version of the app for free!
  • Customize user profile and settings to adjust target blood glucose range, high and low numbers, body weight target, ketones, A1c, blood pressure and daily step targets as well as medication, meter type and insulin pump.
  • Provides daily to monthly data and trend analyses, blood glucose graphs and other reports that can easily be exported as PDF, CSV or Excel files.
  • Add push notifications for reminders to enter data and track your numbers.  
  • mySugr is a registered (class 1) medical device with secure data backup options.
  • Includes food goals in carbohydrate grams or exchanges.
  • Option to integrate with Apple Health or Google Fit to sync health data.
  • Connects wireless with select glucose meters via Bluetooth.
  • Includes a detailed manual on using the app, as well as, educational articles.
  • Available in over 6 languages.


  • Limited supported devices means many users have to manually enter data.
  • It may take a few tries to get used to how the logbook works and to become familiar with all of the features and how to access and make the most of them.
  • Cannot include specific meal details – only basic categories.
  • Pro version available at > $27.99 or more per year.

Bottom Line​​
Ideal for new and seasoned users with diabetes, mySugr lets you easily log and analyze blood sugars, basic meal components, medication and much more.

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Marisa Moore
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