Stone Soup

Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites

February 13, 2014 McKel Hill

These Raw Chocolate Malt Brownie Bites are sure to hit the spot with your sweet tooth, but also keep you on track through Valentine's Day. Ooey-gooey dates pulsed with finely ground almonds, hazelnuts, cacao powder,

Stone Soup

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Red Grapes

December 23, 2013 McKel Hill

If these blistered Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Red Grapes don’t have your stomach growling, then you must not have a love for Brussels sprouts like I do — and I know I’m not alone! This veggie dish

January-February 2014

A Knife Made for Sparkling Lemonade

December 20, 2013 McKel Hill

Product Reviewed Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife The Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife is, as the name suggest, designed for citrus fruits. This brightly colored yellow knife is made from high carbon stainless steel, which

Stone Soup

Raspberry Orange Chia Jam and Peach Chia Jam

August 29, 2013 McKel Hill

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a picture with Rosemary biscuits and Cheddar Jalapeno biscuits (for my visiting cheese-loving family members) served with a Raspberry Orange Chia Jam. Today I’m here to share

Stone Soup

Raw Peach Tart

July 30, 2013 McKel Hill

If only you could smell these plump and ripe peaches I picked up from the Peach Truck here at the Nashville Farmers Market last week, you would know exactly how I was feeling: pure excitement