3 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Blogging Motivation

Do you have a blog? If so, I'm sure you'll recognize the problem of declining motivation. Maybe you take a week off of blogging and social media, which stretches into two weeks, a month, six months or longer. I know what that's like. As of April 2015, I had gone two years without updating my nutrition blog and social media outlets – yikes!

But recently, my desire to return to writing has grown stronger. Now, I ask myself three questions to get back on track and stay motivated.

Question 1: Why Did You Stop?

Be honest! Take the time to inventory what caused you to stop posting consistently so that you can create a plan for success. I struggled to balance work, school and family life with my blogging. In the end, blogging was lost in the shuffle because I did not take the time to establish a schedule.

Question 2: Are You Sharing Content You Love?

I could have combined this with the first question, but this topic deserves its own platform. Have you worked hard to develop a niche, but now you find yourself growing out of it? It's time to admit that you're ready for a change so that you can move forward.

Last year, I found myself growing more passionate about the topic of leadership. I even created separate social media channels for this topic, but they fizzled because I was afraid to alienate the audience I had built around nutrition. This time around, I am prepared to lose a few members of my established audience, but know I will gain new readers. This is part of growth, so embrace it!

Question 3: Are You Being Realistic?

Getting back into a regular blogging schedule takes time. Be realistic when creating a posting schedule and start slow. The most important key to success is consistency. As you get into a routine, you can re-evaluate your schedule. My goal is to post twice a month. I am also going to write posts in advance so that I have a stash of content prepared for times when life gets busy.

Have you come back from a blogging hiatus? Share your tips and tricks.

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Kareen Turner
Kareen Turner, MPH, RD, is the director of food and nutrition services at Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta and founder of IAmEatingRight.com. Watch her YouTube video series, "12 Days to Abundant & Vibrant Living in 2013," and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.