What the Heck Are DPGs and MIGs?

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In the nutrition and dietetics field, you're bound to hear a lot of acronyms. As a student, you're probably already familiar with ACEND, CPD and DPD. But what about DPGs and MIGs? Learning about these can help you along your path to becoming an RDN.

What Are DPGs and MIGs?

DPGs and MIGs — dietetic practice groups and member interest groups, respectively — are optional subgroups within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. DPGs bring together members who focus on specific practice areas and interests. MIGs, meanwhile, focus on areas other than practice or geography (such as age and cultural background).

There are 26 DPGs and 10 MIGs, so no matter your interests in the dietetics field are, there is a group for you! Find a complete list of DPGs and MIGs on eatightPRO.org.

Why Should I Join a DPG or MIG?

Membership in a DPG or MIG can offer a variety of opportunities to deepen your involvement in an interest area. Every group shares events and opportunities specifically for its members, such as social media chats, networking events and job postings. These can be amazing ways to network with RDNs in the field and make contacts that may further your career in the future. Additionally, many DPGs and MIGs offer scholarships to students for internships and conferences.

And you get all of that for a great price! Annual student membership fees for DPGs and MIGs range from $10 to $30. So get involved! DPGs and MIGs can be a great way to explore your interest in the field of dietetics while making great future connections.

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