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Vacu Vin Jar Opener

My hand strength has started to dwindle over the years. So with my weaker hands, I have tried every “DIY” Internet trick for hard-to-open glass jars — and learned the downside to each of them. Running a jar under hot water? I’ve had jars slip out of my hands and smash into the sink. The bump-the-jar-on-the-counter trick? I’m always afraid for the day I bump out of frustration and see slimy pickles and shattered glass fly across the linoleum.

Now, it’s Vacu Vin Jar Opener to the rescue! The unique leverage system latches tightly and creates a sturdy grip on the lip of the jar so that it opens with ease.  Although not too challenging, it did test my fine motor skills to get the bottom of openers’ leverage system to latch under the lip of the jar lid. But, since I know I will be using this opener exclusively, I am sure I will get the hang of it.

Aside from those looking for an easy method to open jars, this item would also be good for those at nutritional risk due to the inability to open food items. I would recommend this item to geriatrics and those with any type of hand weakness such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and those in rehab after an arm or hand break. I foresee the feeling of self-sufficiency for the elderly and sick will help with psychosocial along with nutritional issues. So, I — and everyone like me who lives in a dry climate or who washes their hands often — will benefit from this product.  

Lastly, I refuse to buy more one-type-of-use specialty appliance for my home to clutter the cabinet and countertop. Fortunately, the Vacu Vin Jar Opener fits nicely into my kitchen drawer next to my can opener. This will not be a hindrance on the space of your kitchen or the budget with a retail cost of about $20.

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Crystal Petrello
Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the founder of Follow her on Twitter.