January-February 2014

No More Jar Opening Tricks

December 20, 2013 Crystal Petrello

Product Reviewed Vacu Vin Jar Opener My hand strength has started to dwindle over the years. So with my weaker hands, I have tried every “DIY” Internet trick for hard-to-open glass jars — and learned

Stone Soup

Tips to Avoid Holiday Heft

December 10, 2013 Crystal Petrello

I figured it out! I figured out where all this extra weight came from! Mr. Thomas Turkey and the holiday minions brought it for me. It wasn’t all in one package though. They brought it

A Variety Of Dried Beans And Wooden Spoon
Stone Soup

3 Bean Dip Recipes

November 21, 2013 Crystal Petrello

Chickpeas and hummus are quickly becoming a staple in kitchens around America. Essentially, hummus is a Mediterranean bean dip and spread made from mashed chickpeas. But try mixing it up and get creative in the

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Eating a Plant-based, Whole Grain Diet

September 17, 2013 Crystal Petrello

"If you’re not going to finish your dinner, at least finish your vegetables." That was possibly the first and simplest dietary advice your parents ever gave you. But as we matured into responsible adults (an

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Plant Protein Made Easy

February 7, 2013 Crystal Petrello

I love hunting for a bargain. Outlet stores, by taking out the middleman or removing a step in the manufacturing process, bring down their costs and can pass the savings on to customers.   Food