How Do You Calculate Nutrition Content for Recipes that Include Homemade Stock?

Because scratch stocks involve skimming, straining and discarding solids — and since each stock ingredient has different nutrients and will release those nutrients in varying amounts — the only truly accurate and reliable method for determining nutrient content is chemical analysis.

The next best option is to use the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutrient database values for stock, and focus your efforts on the other ingredients in the recipe.

Remember that Stocks and Broths Are Not the Same!

Typically stock has no added salt because salt may be added when the stock is used for a soup or sauce, while a traditional broth is seasoned stock. A recipe that calls for broth may have higher sodium values than one using stock. If a recipe uses the terms interchangeably, clarify with the developer which should be used.

Catharine Powers
Inspired by a passion for making healthy foods taste good and good foods healthy, Catharine H. Powers, MS, RD, has extensive experience developing innovative training and curricular materials for chefs, dietitians and others in the foodservice industry.