Buddhify (Version 2.6.4)

Synopsis of the App
Buddhify is designed to help users achieve mindfulness and meditate on the go. The app provides a "solo timer" to mediate on your own and more than 80 guided meditation tracks that last between five and 30 minutes. Track and measure time spent meditating and levels of mindfulness and concentration for up to a year. Though some users may not enjoy the meditation leaders' voices, the app is ideal for beginners and provides a solid outlet to explore mindfulness and meditation.

Platform and Price
$2.99 to 4.99 per year: Apple and Android

RDN Score
5 out of 5


  • User-friendly design lets you quickly and easily select the meditation that best fits your most immediate need. 
  • Explores the connection between the mind and the body to bring about mindfulness.
  • Engage in meditations on your own using the app's built in "solo timer."
  • More than 80 guided meditation tracks that range from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Choose meditations based on what you're doing including eating, being online, traveling, feeling stressed, pain and illness and many more.
  • Includes engaging activities to bring awareness to and help challenge current thinking.
  • Track your time spent meditating and rate your level of mindfulness and concentration. Measure progress for up to a year.
  • Requires no sign-in or personal information.


  • Some people will and others won't enjoy the guided meditation "voices" and may simply opt for the solo meditation timer.
  • The guided meditation situations won't all apply to everyone and may become boring or repetitive over time.

Bottom Line
Especially useful for beginners, Buddhify explores the mind body connection in an effective and convenient way. Ideal for anyone who's had a difficult time meditating on his or her own or seeking guided meditation options from the convenience of a smartphone. 

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