Diane Imrie: Advocating Sustainable Foods

Registered dietitian Diane Imrie, RD, is passionate about local and sustainable food. As the director of nutrition services at Fletcher Allen Health Care, in Burlington, Vt., she brings this enthusiasm to her professional and personal life.

In 2011, Imrie’s hospital received two national awards from Health Care Without Harm — one for sustainable food procurement and one for policy work. “I am very involved in the farm community,” says Imrie, referring to her work as part of the statewide Farm-to-Plate Initiative. “I have spent a lot of time bringing together the health-care food service leaders across the state and the region to learn about sustainable food and how to incorporate it into their own organizations.”

Imrie also holds a board position at Friends of Burlington, a statewide organization focuses on promoting and supporting community gardens. “At home, I organize a community garden in the neighborhood, and spend a lot of time cooking foods from farm shares and from my own garden,” says Imrie, who co-authored Cooking Close to Home: A Year of Seasonal Recipes, a cookbook centered on fresh, local food.

“I first became interested in the field of nutrition because food can be not only nourishing, but comforting as well,” says Imrie. “I feel strongly that food is one of the most important factors that draw people together — including family, friends and community.”

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