Winter 2012

Labeling Laws for GM/GE Foods

October 30, 2012 Karen Ansel

Genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modified (GM) foods contain an ingredient whose DNA has been altered via recombinant DNA technology. The World Health Organization asserts that there’s no likely health risk associated with consuming genetically

Winter 2012

The History and Health Benefits of Fermented Food

February 20, 2012 Robin Foroutan

Long before probiotics became the darlings of the microbial world, cultures throughout history and across the globe were celebrating fermented foods. Born as a preservation method and used for millennia, the Neolithic tradition of fermentation

Winter 2012

Beverly Gor: Bridging Communities

February 20, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

"It wasn’t long ago that a common perception in the medical field was that Asian-Americans didn’t have many health problems because they were not visiting the public health clinics," says registered dietitian Beverly Gor, EdD,

Winter 2012

Is Dairy-free the Next Big Diet Craze?

February 19, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

Dairy-free products are gaining momentum in the marketplace—and people with dairy-related intolerances and allergies are not their only audience. In addition to vegans, seekers of Kosher Parve products and shoppers concerned about hormones and antibiotics,

Winter 2012

Today’s Contemporary Spice Cabinet

February 15, 2012 Monica Reinagel

When I was a child, my mother (who was—and still is—a wonderful cook) had a small wooden spice rack with two rows of stoppered glass bottles. Those 16 little vials contained pretty much everything she

Winter 2012

Denine Rogers: Getting into the Garden

February 14, 2012 Food & Nutrition Magazine

“Some of these children have never seen vegetables outside of a supermarket,” says Denine Rogers, describing students at Dorsett Shoals Elementary School in Douglasville, Ga. That changed when they brought an abandoned community garden back