Banana Skillet Bread

My baking must meet some strict criteria. It’s got to be gluten-free because I have celiac disease. And to be more inclusive, it’s often vegan and low-sugar. That’s a tall order!

Through trial and error I came up with a cake I liked, but wanted a nicer crust, and so this became a skillet cake. You can make it in a regular 9-inch cake pan. This recipe is also totally versatile, and I’ve halved the recipe and put it in a 7-inch dish, which works, too.

For the flours, you can do all teff, all sorghum, or a combo. If you can get your hands on mesquite, do! Not only is it super high in fiber, but it has a caramel-like taste.

Banana Skillet Bread

Recipe developed by Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD

1 cup teff or brown rice flour

1 cup sorghum flour

1 Tbsp mesquite flour

1 Tbsp +1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

3/4 cup hazelnuts, pecans or walnuts or chocolate chips (optional)

pinch of salt


2 über ripe bananas

1 level Tbsp +1 tsp ground flax seeds

2/3 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup olive oil or coconut oil

1/2 tsp maple extract

1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
1/3 cup sparkling (bubbly) water, or milk or milk substitute


  1. Grease a 10-inch cast iron skillet with coconut oil. Preheat oven to 350, and put the skillet in the oven to heat.
  2. Thoroughly mix dry ingredients together.
  3. Thoroughly blend all the wet ingredients together except the sparkling water. In a Vitamix, that takes less than a minute; an ordinary blender would take a few minutes.
  4. Add wet into dry, then add in sparkling water as well. Mix until everything is well combined, but don’t overmix (i.e. no more dry stuff, but no need for a workout).
  5. Bake for 30 minutes or until top turns a beautiful golden brown. Cool on a drying rack for 5 minutes, then turn out.

Yum. Gluten-free, vegan, and can be allergen friendly (omit nuts).

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Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD, is a nutritionist and mindfulness coach in Fairfax, VA. She runs a private practice focused on digestive & autoimmune health, Harris Whole Health. She blogs at Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.