Packing for a Trip: The One Item You Need Most

Whether you're going on vacation, a daily excursion, or hopping from country to country, there is one simple thing you can do to make for a healthier journey: carry a water bottle.

Water makes up the majority of our body weight and we owe it to ourselves to replenish our bodies with what it naturally needs, in its most natural form. When traveling, it's even more important to consume enough fluids throughout the day because you may be walking for long periods of time or sitting in the sun on a beach. Fluid requirements are different for everyone, so instead of focusing on how many glasses of water you need in a day, you should focus on always having water nearby. Carrying a water bottle can encourage you to drink water even when you're not thirsty, which can help prevent dehydration. Need more reasons to carry a water bottle? Here are my top five:

5 Reasons to Carry a Water Bottle While Traveling

  1. It Keeps Your Family Hydrated
    When my family members and I are dehydrated, we are not focused and tend to get a little bit cranky. Who wants to spend their trip being cranky?
  2. It Helps Maintain Energy Levels
    No one wants to feel lethargic on their vacation. Water helps our bodies remove toxins and waste products which is perfect for keeping energy levels up.
  3. It Prevents Weight Gain
    Drinking water throughout the day or during a meal promotes feelings of fullness and can help your body to function at its best. Stick to drinking plain water. One 20-ounce bottle of vitamin water contains approximately as much sugar as 36 jellybeans, two and a half chocolate-covered donuts or one chocolate bar!
  4. It Supports Joints and Muscles
    Most vacations involve a lot of walking each day. Adequate water helps to reduce muscle cramps and fatigue, and also helps to lubricate joints.
  5. Purchasing Disposable Water Bottles is Expensive
    If you know it's safe to drink the water where you are traveling, I highly recommend spending your money on something fun instead of buying water bottles.

So, on your next trip, don't be focused on forgetting your favorite outfit, sunglasses or hat. Focus on packing that water bottle, as it will offer more health benefits than any other object in your luggage!

Alison McLaughlin