You Landed Your Dietetic Internship, Now What?

You Landed Your Dietetic Internship, Now What?
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After years of hard work and non-stop studying, it finally paid off and you got accepted to a dietetic internship, but now what? No matter if you are just graduating from your bachelor’s degree, applying after doing your master’s or took a gap year, it is important to mentally prepare for what’s to come.You Landed Your Dietetic Internship, Now What? - Below you will find five simple tips to help you prepare for this challenging and exciting year.

Thank your support system

It is important to remember that along the way, we always had people rooting for us to achieve our dreams. Whether it is family, friends, a few professors or boss, tell them about the news and thank them for the support throughout the years.

Look for scholarships or financial aid

The dietetic internship is a time when your main focus should be on learning and getting the job done. Mostly everyone recommends not to have a job while going through the internship, therefore it is important to financially prepare for the year to come. Some dietetic internships pay their interns and others do not. Look for scholarships through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and ask your dietetic internship director about financial aid.

Ask current or previous dietetic interns about what to expect

Not every dietetic internship is the same, therefore you need to do your research. Don’t be afraid to reach out to previous interns.  Knowing what to expect beforehand is essential in preparing yourself for your internship and at the same time will help you feel relaxed and prepared for the upcoming year.

Stay informed

Nutrition is an evidenced-based science, and science is constantly changing. Therefore, if you want to be knowledgeable about the current trends, it is important to be informed during the internship. If you are a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, check your emails for the Nutrition and Dietetics SmartBrief — they include recent articles and research regarding health and nutrition.


It is as simple as that. You worked hard these past years, and all the hard work finally paid off. You deserve a break to mentally prepare for what’s to come. Your dietetic internship will be hard, but it will be worth it. If you think about it, there is no need to be nervous or scared, in fact, it is a time to celebrate and prepare yourself. The best is yet to come.

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