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The farmers market is a great opportunity to get fresh, local, seasonal produce and support your local economy. Whether you’re a regular at the farmers market or wanting to go for the first time, these navigation tips can help you get the most out of your trip! Navigating the Farmers Market -

Bring reusable bags

You can reduce the use of plastic bags by bringing your own reusable bag. Plus, some vendors may not have plastic bags available and you don’t want to juggle your apples through the market.

Bring a friend

Invite a friend or make the farmers market a date with your significant other. Take your time and enjoy the weather as you stroll through.

Have cash ready

Some vendors may not accept cards or charge a fee for using a card. Make sure you have cash available and try to bring small bills, so you don’t take all the vendor’s change.

Be careful about buying things right when they come in season

When green beans come into season, they are a hot commodity, which drives the price up. Wait till next week when the green beans are still in season but may not be in as high of a demand.

Arrive early (or late?)

Get there early for more selection and options. Many vendors will sell out before the end of the market. Coming late, however, could pay off with reduced-price produce that the vendor doesn’t want to take home.

Take a lap before buying

See who has the best deals and best-looking produce. You’d hate to buy a basket of tomatoes just to discover there is another vendor down the aisle had bigger, brighter tomatoes for the same price or less.

Ask about your SNAP benefits

Some farmers markets take SNAP benefits for payment, some even have programs that double your SNAP benefits when spent at the farmers market!

Look beyond the produce

Farmers markets aren’t just all about the produce. Often you can find local meat and fish, baked goods, flowers and even handmade personal care items!

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