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Dietitians are all about food, from farm to fork and every detail in between. Feeding people is a top priority for all of us, but “feed” can mean supplying more than just calories and nutrients.

A “feed” is also defined as: “a device or conduit for supplying material to a machine.” Or, “a facility for notifying the user of a blog or other frequently updated website that new content has been added.”

What is Nutrition Informatics?

Nutrition informatics, which is the intersection of nutrition, information and technology, is a driving force supporting all areas of dietetics practice.

Nutrition informatics is so pervasive in our work we may not even realize we’re using it. When you chart in an EHR, track menus for foodservice operations, share food safety tips on Twitter and use content management systems to educate future dietitians, you are using nutrition informatics. Even blogging is an example of nutrition informatics at work!

The mission of this blog is to supply all those who work in nutrition with technology tips and the information they need to do their jobs, whatever their area of practice.

One last definition of “feed” is an RSS — or “really simple syndication” — feed. An RSS feed allows you to pull content from your favorite sources into one convenient spot for reading, and can be collected in services such as Feedly, Flipboard, or even built into your browser such as Safari.

Thanks for joining The Feed, we’re glad you’re here!

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Sarah Rusnak
Sarah Rusnak, MS, RD, LD, works in clinical research and education in Columbus, Ohio.