Can Celery Juice Cure Disease?

Can Celery Juice Cure Disease?

Is freshly juiced celery the secret to clearer skin, improved digestion and weight loss? According to Anthony William, author of Medical Medium (Hay House Inc., 2015), it is. William claims he is able to converse with the “Spirit of Compassion” who provides health information he shares via his books and website.

However, while celery itself is a nutrient-dense vegetable full of water, vitamin K and phytochemicals, there is no research to suggest celery juice is a “miraculous healing remedy.”

A PubMed search of “celery juice” limited to studies on humans published within the last five years returns four results, none of which investigate health outcomes of drinking celery juice. The Natural Medicines Database states celery juice has been reported to have bile stimulating activity, citing one 1996 publication. Other mentions of celery juice in the Natural Medicines Database pertain to possible medication interactions.

According to MyPlate, one cup of 100-percent vegetable juice may be considered a serving of vegetables. If a person enjoys drinking celery juice and there are no contraindications, it is an acceptable way to consume a serving of vegetables. But there is no evidence to suggest that starting the day with 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach will cure disease.


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