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Paderno World Cuisine Drum Grater

My husband I have used a box grater to grate cheese and carrots for years. That is, until this past spring, when my husband was grating cheese fast and furiously … and grated his knuckle! It only takes one mistake like that to avoid using a box grater forevermore. Since then, he’s been using an inexpensive manual grater that can grate only small amounts of cheese at a time, albeit safely.

That’s why the Paderno World Cuisine Drum Grater is awesome. My husband says it’s the best grater he’s ever used and he loves using it. It has a suction base to stay firm on the counter and can grate large amounts of cheese (or other foods) safely with little effort or time, leaving you with nice, fluffy result. We tested it out with grated cheese and carrots, finely grated dark chocolate and walnuts, and sliced cucumbers. We had a great result each time! Plus, it has attractive, modern design (nice enough to leave out on the counter) and is dishwasher safe.

If you’re looking for a modern, easy to use, effortless grater, I recommend this Paderno Drum Grater. Here’s one of our favorite ways to use grated cheddar cheese: as a topping for Loaded Tofu Tacos!

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